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The Factors That We Consider When Making Our food choices.
The population and the diets of different people has changed over time. everyone wants to know and understand what has will caused by these dietary changes. such information would be helpful to the different businesses are these business people are able to understand what the customers expect from them. considering the preferences of the different groups of people when coming up with the diet plan is very important. The below factors have been discussed so that to help you know what factors could have brought about these dietary changes. Thi is to aid you make the best decision out of the possible many.
some of the dietary changes are a result of the cost and accessibility. you know that because accept what kind of food can eat I will only buy a taser in Kentucky Since you can only buy whatever you can afford, your income and social status are very important. for instance, low-income earners have a tendency to consume an unbalanced diet as they are not able to buy different foods that make a meal balanced.
Another determinant to consider is the accessibility to food stalls. some of the factors that determine whether you will be able to reach the foods store are geographical factors and the means of transports. It is often important to note that healthy foods might be very expensive when they are sold in towns and cities rather than supermarkets that sold in the outskirts of the cities.
Another determinant will be the cultural influences of the people. people have different cultures that practised and respect. These cultures tends to make people be aligned to a certain food than others. In such a shift, this food Will be highly consumed.
Influence of the social class is also a determinant of the dietary changes. It is normal for people to be associated with a social class. Therefore they’ll do anything to belong in that class. this is depicted when people buy food that is associated with a certain class. To people who are not able to cope with the pressure, this influence things to bring negative impacts. They may end up in these debts but have resulted from taking food on credit.
the dietary changes may be a result of the doctors’ advice that we get whenever we visit them. some of the diet we take a made up of foods that bring about allergic reactions whenever we take them. it is also important to abide by the youth to avoid any complications.

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